County Couriers

Looking for a high quality, dependable courier and logistics company? You’ve come to the right place!

Scheduled Routed Deliveries

Mail Pick-Up and Delivery, Pharmaceuticals Deliveries, Medical Records Deliveries, and much more!

On-Demand Services

Standard, Rush and Direct options to ensure it gets there on time!

Warehousing & Storage Options

Ask About our Pick and Pack Delivery & Storage options

Variety of Services

  • Scheduled Routed Deliveries
  • LTL (Less Than A Truckload)
  • Intra-Company Mail Bank Deposits
  • Mail Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Lab Specimen Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Pharmaceuticals Deliveries
  • Medical Records Deliveries

On-Demand Services

  • Standard On-Demand (delivered within 4 hours)
  • Rush Service (delivered within 2 hours)
  • Direct Service (delivered directly to the recipient with no stops in between)
  • Return Service (for any of the above)

Warehousing & Storage Options

  • Forward Stocking Location (FSL)
  • Cross-Dock Location
  • Parts & Product Storage
  • Order fulfillment

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